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As far as women have come on the road to equality, they are still paid less than men on average and they hold fewer leadership positions. In fact, men hold 95% of all corporate CEO positions, and over 70% of the executives in Fortune 100 companies are men. It is important to close this gap and empower women in leadership positions. This is the key to closing the gap between men and women in the future.

Start with Professional Development

One of the best ways to empower women is to offer professional development from the start of the hiring process. More than one-third of employers in the United States don’t give women the training that they need to advance in their careers. The way to set women up for success is to have a structured process that moves women through training, mentorship, and development. This ensures that women learn what they need to do to advance in their careers.

Make Sure That Women Have Opportunities for Promotion

Statistics show that when women aren’t provided with fulfilling career opportunities, they often leave the workforce. Many companies don’t have good maternity leave plans, and the cost of child care is high. After work, women often have to take care of the house. Women end up leaving the workforce before they reach their potential. Women need to have opportunities, and employers need to provide the flexibility to make sure that women can work in a meaningful way without worrying that they have to sacrifice their family lives.

Change Your Work Culture

It is important to do more than provide training for women; companies must educate men about the challenges that women face and the potential solutions. Women need to be nurtured and receive mentorship and training so that they are ready to enter those roles, and men need to be on board with this plan so that it can be successful. It is important to change your work culture so that the entire company is working together for the same results.

Final Words

Women make up 50% of the workforce, but they do not realize their potential. The best thing that companies can do to empower women is to focus on making sure that they have the training, mentorship, and opportunity to move up in their jobs.